Damn my amazing PageRank

As I've mentioned before, Google just loves my web site. My PageRank is five but it seems to really really love anything I post up. For example, I'm currently hit number five for "Rimming Sugar". Erm.

Anyway, my Smugmug account has gone apeshit this month. 13 gigs of transferred photos. Seems that Google has found my site and, because I put good keywords on it, comes up with my photos. For example, I'm on page two for image searches for "belfast" right now.

To counter this, I've turned off external linking on my Ireland 2005 gallery, which is the worst offender at 7 gigs. Not something I like to do, as it breaks the concept of the web, but someone must be linking my photos from a popular MySpace or web forum or something. If it's gonna cost me money, tough shit.

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