Critical Mass rides again

Wow what a ride! That's right I'm talking about the monthly Critical Mass rides in Sydney. Every last Friday of the month, hundreds and even thousands of cyclists head for Hyde Park and ride around the city to show we exist and hopefully get some better facilities.

This month was the big one. The Harbour Bridge. Lots of fun crossing the major landmark, no thanks to the shock radio jocks telling us we were the cause of war, famine and pestilence.

People were ringing talkback stations blaming us for slow traffic going in the opposite direction to us before we'd even left Hyde Park! If only they could see the irony :)

The next really big ride (as the next ride falls on New Years Eve, I wouldn't expect a bif one) is the Summer ride to Bondi in January. Always lotsa fun.

On a related note, I've finally gotten some of my pictures from Reclaim The Street up here. Enjoy.