Cops removing badges

News that cops removed their name tags at the APEC protests should come as no surprise. This tactic has been around since the Vietnam War protests, allowing the coppers to get away with beating hell out of anyone they like without being identified.

I was at an outdoor rave party in 1995 where cops did exactly that and got away with it, despite photos of cops smashing heads and multiple witness statements. The photographer wouldn't come forward to identify the time and location of the photos as he was a visa overstayer, and of course the cops denied everything and had collaborated on their statements.

The cops claimed they remove their badges because the pin could be used as a weapon, yet at the time of the investigation the badges were being redesigned. Did they move to a safer fastener, like velcro or press studs? Course not!

I'll be very interested to see where the latest cases go, though I won't be holding my breath.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: NSW Police are all either bent or have covered up for bent coppers, which means they're also bent. Nothing I've ever experienced has changed that view.