We're still in Hoi An, it's still raining but we have some fantastic clothes. We've been hanging out with a couple of poms and Irish people which has been fun. Not much else to do in the rain.

We tried our clothes out last night. They're fantastic! I've US$120 and have the following tailor made:

  • A grey Ho Chi Minh style suit with straight collar
  • A normal, boring black business suit
  • A green silk business shirt
  • A green silk tie to match
  • Two cotton business shirts
  • Two funky elephant design hippy shirts
  • A very good corduroy Winter jacket made from a picture in a fashion magazine
  • A black shirt with orange and yellow flames embroidered on it.

Gotta love this place! Holly has also had a few dresses and a great red duffle coat made. Michael's had three suits and a bunch of shirts made. Our biggest problem now is carting all this crap the rest of the way up the coast of Vietnam. We'll have to buy another bag :)

Tomorrow morning we're heading up to Hue. From the weather map it looks like it's pouring there and apparently much of the town is under water. If that's the case we probably won't stay long, missing some of the Royal Tombs and other sights, and head for Hanoi which appears to be dryer.

Still more than two weeks to go in this country and loving it!