Blog software without a database?

The other half has decided she wants her own blog. So I've been looking around for some blogging software she can use. Blosxom is all well and good for geeks like me, but she needs something that doesn't require her to know HTML.

Blosxom has some plug-ins that would appear to be the business: web forms that allow you to create entries from a web page (rather than a text editor, as I usually do it) and that use Wiki-style markup to automagically interpret two carriage returns as a <p> and the like. Problem is, the Wiki plugins just don't fscking work!

So can anyone suggest a piece of blog software that doesn't use a database (talk about using a fscking sledgehammer to crack a nut), is free software does RSS, doesn't require knowledge of HTML and, preferably, is written in Perl?

I'd set her up with Blogger but I'm not that keen on giving our passwords to third-parties, particularly when they'll use it over ftp, which I'd also prefer not to run on my server.