>First kebab in the land that invented the doner>

We arrived in Berlin on Friday night and have been loving it! It's such a buzzing town with so much on, particularly with the World Cup coming to town. So far we've wandered around the main sights, seen the Stasi Museum, saw a great Chilean band in a squat and been to an outdoor parade. Quite a lot to pack into a couple of days!

I think we're going to love Germany. Cheap food and cheap, great beer makes quite a change from expensive food and expensive, crap beer in Spain and Italy. €0.89 for a bottle of Erdinger, and 15c of that is the deposit on the bottle!

We've finally found a cheap Internet cafe -- €1! -- so I've uploaded all our photos to date. Rome still needs to be trimmed, but the rest are well edited. So go and check out Villa Adriana, Capri, Pompei, Alberobello and Berlin. In particular, check out the sausage vendor in the Berlin folder!

Those photos are here.