Belgian wit in the bucket

Over the weekend I made up a Hoegaarden-style belgian wit ale, in the style of Graeme's fabulous recipe, the results of which tried while we were in Oz.

  • Muntons Connoisseur wheat beer kit
  • 1kg light malt
  • 250g cane sugar
  • ~12g dried curucao orange peel
  • ~15g crushed corriander seeds
  • White Labs WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale yeast

The spice measures are somewhat inaccurate because my scales aren't very accurate below 20g or so. If the spicing ends up all wrong, I might need to invest in some more accurate scales.

This is also my first experience with liquid yeast and I'm impressed! The yeast has tried to climb out of the bucket and goes off like a firecracker!

I'm following Graeme's suggestion and have made a 1.5L starter which I'll bottle and use for later brews as well.

Looking forward to drinking this one. Hopefully it'll be ready while the weather is still warm enough to require such a refreshing brew!