Because I said so

Lawyer for the police says "a full-scale riot was probable because in a crowd a mob mentality easily takes over." I couldn't agree more, and considering there will be more coppers than protesters, we should ban the biggest mob as they're the most likely to succumb to a mob mentality.

I wonder if the judge has asked for evidence about this "mob mentality" or if it's just because the police say so?

It's not like cops would be encouraging violence or anything. Oh no.

Fortunately the judge in this case has called bullshit on the coppers a few times already.

I'm also curious about the bail conditions given to protesters arrested yesterday that ban them from being within 200 metres of an APEC declared area. I think this bears challenging as I think it could well be unconstitutional under our implied right to political speech.

Update: so much for judicial sanity.