Beach and beer

We had a great weekend up the coast at my parents' holiday house. We drove off on Friday night and watched a film when we arrived. Saturday morning we slept in, had a lazy breakfast reading the paper. Then a really nice swim down at Avoca. The water temperature is brilliant at the moment.

The bottle shop in Wamberal has an excellent range of new boutique beers. We bought a case of Red Emperor which is a really tasty red ale contract-brewed for a Mittagong label in Mildura. Really spectacular was the Hunter Bock from Hunter Beer Co. Delicious and malty, it comes in a champagne bottle which brings a bit of drama with it. I'll keep an eye out for their Witbier.

Saturday night we spent with Ben and Kaz who cooked us a lovely dinner and then we played Settlers well into the wee hours. In the morning they cooked for us again, a lovely brekkie! We owe them a few meals now.

Then Sunday we drove down to Putty Beach and had another surf. Lovely conditions and a beautiful, warm weekend. Weather should start getting colder soon, so it might be one of the last swims we get in.

In other beer news, I'm doing a woodwork course on Tuesday nights. My project is to make a box that keeps my beer at the appropriate temperatures. It's basically a big box to put the fermenter in, which will be lined with some kind of insulating material and will have a Peltier device and fan to keep things cool. My problem isn't that it's too cold, it's way too hot in our house to brew. The beauty of a peltier is that by reversing the polarity I can heat if that becomes necessary over the winter.