Back in London

Well we just arrived back in London. I'm surfing the jetlag express. Oh what fun! Pretty soon, I'll be hallucinating, no doubt. Just as soon as I finish chatting to the purple numbat sitting on my monitor.

Oh dear. I really need to stay up at least 2.5 hours more.

Flight was relatively uneventful. We managed to spend a few hours in Vienna during the (planned) six hour stopover. Nice town! We plan to go back for a long weekend. Reckon winter would be a nice time, with snow and stuff.

Oh there was the small problem of the wings falling off the plane we were supposed to be flying Vienna to London, or whatever "technical problems" really means. We ended up on a little Canadair, and loads of others getting bumped. Finally got to London.

Jetlag permitting, I'll be back at work tomorrow. It doesn't look promising from how I feel right now, but you never know what "sleep of the dead" will do.

Next thing to do is find somewhere to live. Oh joy.