Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

Cahill celebrates

We won! Well the vibe wasn't exactly pumping here in Bamberg. I think we're the only Aussies in town, though the Poms in the Irish pub with us were celebrating with us. What a game. I felt like I'd run the whole 90 minutes with the team, it was that nerve wracking.

So I've beena bit slack with the blogging since Berlin. We've been to Aachen, where we watched the opening game in a pub with locals. Then we visited Cologne to see the England vs Paraguay in the Fan Fest area. Lots of fun and beautiful weather for it all. After a few days in Aachen, we headed yesterday to Bamberg, a lovely little town in the North of Bavaria.

Here in Bamberg we're camping next to the river in a very peaceful place. Really nice place to chill out and enjoy ourselves. A big mobile home next to us houses a bunch of Trinidad fans and a couple of English fans escaping the excesses of their countrymates are nearby.