Apple miss the point

Looks like Apple and the music industry have worked out that the music industry is over. So they've mounted a rear-guard assault to try and claw it back. Let's go through the problems, shall we.

To start with, it's Mac-only so you've just cut out the majority of your market. Next, you have to use Apple's horrible borg-like iTunes: resistance is futile. Am I the only one who sees that Apple is actually more monopolistic than Microsoft, given half the chance?

Okay so they're techie problems I have with it, and to be expected from Apple. The real problem is that it sticks with the "I own this record" model of music. Sorry guys, it's not gonna work that way any more. We're used to it being free now, so you'll have to make it way convenient to get us to pay.

How about giving us access to every piece of music ever recorded? I'd pay for that. Hell, I'd pay the price of an album-a-month for that! And no, I don't mean just every piece of music that Britney has recorded.

Of course there's another big problem here: Apple won't ever get a cent from me ever again. Hell hath no fury like a fucked-over Evangelista. Remember the Newton!