Aerial problems

Last night I got up a ladder to install my shiny new TV aerial that was expected to get us all the digital channels. Problem is, we only ended up getting the ABC and SBS digital channels. This is odd because all of the channels are on the same location so I'd expect that if we can get one, we'd get them all.

I used high quality quad-shielded RG6 coax, an antenna appropriate for the coverage area (UHF) and spent a fair amount of time pointing and checking. Still no joy. Analogue reception is improved over the rabbit ears, though not perfect and still with quite a bit of ghosting.

The only thing I can think is that topography is against us. We're in a bit of a hollow so, while I was up the ladder, I couldn't get direct line-of-sight to either Kings Cross or Gore Hill. There are buildings and trees in the way. I think this is the reason for the problems, though can't explain how we get two channels and not the others.

This has sent me back to the drawing board on my MythTV plans somewhat. I'll have to record the commercial channels from analogue, though I'll use the digital tuner for ABC and SBS. Graeme suggests trying a different tuner, so I might pop into Dick Smith who accept returns.

Any other suggestions? Obviously more height would help. I couldn't reach the top of the mast with the ladder I have, so that might help. A professional installer would be the usual recommendation but I can't justify $200-500 on a rental property!